What everyone is saying:

Jeffro knows mixing inside and out. Hire this guy. Now.

Tim Curtis
Chief Technical Engineer at Smart StudiosĀ (Nirvana, Garbage, Death Cab for Cutie) and
The VillageĀ (Smashing Pumpkins, Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Jeffro was an absolute blast to work with. An extremely talented engineer.

Lee Gianou
Bass player for MTV2 featured band Transmit Now

Jeffro’s mixes are always punchy as hell and HUGE!

Kevin Arndt
Producer, engineer (Misery Signals, Jonny Lang, Schuyler Fisk)

Jeffro’s ability to hear things most people don’t is really quite impressive.

Sam Minifie
Acoustician (England, Singapore, Australia)

If you want your mixes to slam, it’s important to have someone passionate about what they do. Jeffro kills it every time.

Joel Coan
Drummer, song writer (The Felix Culpa, Emery, Thereafter,
The Color of Violence)