What to send:

  1. Current mix or rough mix of the song(s) (.mp3 is fine)
  2. **CLEARLY LABELED** individual audio files with no effects in .wav or .aif format (NOT .mp3).  Please take off all compression, EQ, reverb, etc. If there is an effect that is key to the song, please send a “dry” version of the track along with a “wet” version.
  3. Any specific notes on the song(s)
  4. If the drums are MIDI, a stereo audio bounce of the drums and the drum MIDI file
  5. If the guitars are recorded direct, the “clean” DI signal along with a bounce of the current amp simulator track being used

File Preparation:

If you used ProTools, only send:

  1. ProTools Session File
  2. Audio Files Folder
  3. Current mix or rough mix

If you used a different recording software, it’s very easy to export files from any program. Here are video tutorials for exporting your files to .wav or .aiff:


Please DO check “bypass effect plug-ins”, DON’T check “include volume/pan automation”, and check “overload protection only”.




Where to Upload

If you’d like to use DropBox or WeTransfer.com, upload, and send the invite to info@jeffromixesyou.com. I’ve found that both upload times and ease of use are far better with WeTransfer.com.

If you’d like to upload to my FTP, I can e-mail you the server name, login name, and password. Need a free FTP program? Filezilla-project.org or Cyberduck.ch. If you have your own online space where the files are uploaded, just send me the info and I’ll grab it!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the technical stuff. I’m more than happy to help!